OCIANIC offers a range of expertise, study, consulting, training and support services in the petroleum, industrial, agricultural and environmental sectors.

OCIANIC offers scalable end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirement analysis for environmental policy rollout. We are developing Engineering solution, related to petroleum, industrial production management.


  • Depollution studies
  • Wastewater management and sanitation: proposal and sizing of treatment plants suitable for effluents from industrial units,
  • Environmental diagnosis of polluted sites,
  • Detection of polluting elements in subsoils by the technique of electrical resistivity tomography
  • Measurements and modeling of atmospheric emissions and marine pollution by hydrocarbons and chemical substances official representative of the company Envi-Control.
  • Choice of public landfill sites and evaluation of the composition of the waste as well as the proposal of suitable channels.
  • Waste Valorization
  • Waste Optimization